Book Review – Vaccination Is Not Immunization: The War on Children; 5th Edition, Tim O’Shea

vaccination is not immunization

The new Fifth Edition is a complete re-write, not just a reprint of the old book. 210 pages, 300 references.

Doctor exposes problems with vaccines

Customer review.

Uncertain about whether or not to vaccinate? You won’t be after you read this book. It’s a complete vaccine education – a real page-turner that reads like a heinous crime story, because it is. Dr. O’Shea cites evidence to straightforwardly expose the fraud, lies (by manufacturers, regulators, doctors, etc.), media propaganda, politics, conflicts of interest, and criminal negligence that infest the vaccination issue and potentially threaten your health and that of your loved ones.

Who needs to read this book? Everyone. To know how to respond if a forced vaccination program comes to your city. To know perhaps more than your doctor on the subject (see the chapter “Doctors Who Don’t Vaccinate”). To know how to opt-out of vaccinations (see the chapter “Affidavit of Exemption”). In short, to avoid vaccine damage to yourself or to your child – and if it’s too late, see the detox protocol that Dr. O’Shea recommends for vaccine injuries, including autism.

Table of Contents:

Money and vaccines
The Germ Theory
Ingredients in vaccines
The Boutique Epidemics
Vaccine schedule
Infant mortality
Decline of diseases before vaccines
Vaccine injury litigation
Pourcyrous study of brain injury
Peanut allergy epidemic
Vaccinated vs. unvaccinated
Shaken Baby
Hemophilus influenzae
Hepatitis A
Hepatitis B
The Kennedy Report
William Thompson
Human Papilloma Virus
Exemption laws
Affidavit of Exemption <= a useful form!
Four horsemen of vaccines
Doctors who don’t vaccinate
Animal vaccines
300 new vaccines

A minor shortcoming is that the book has no List of Acronyms. Trivial complaint. But here’s a list to refer to as you read the book:

AAAAI = American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology
AMA = American Medical Association
AAP = American Academy of Pediatrics
AAPS = Association of American Physicians and Surgeons
ACIP = Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices
APA = American Psychological Association
CDC = Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (US government)
EPA = Environmental Protection Agency (US)
FDA = Food & Drug Administration (US)
GM = Genetic Modification /Manipulation
HHS = Department of Health and Human Services
IOM = Institute of Medicine (National Academy of Sciences)
JAMA = Journal of the American Medical Association
MLM = multi-level marketing
MMWR = Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (US CDC)
NCI = National Cancer Institute (US)
NCVIA = National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act
NEJM = New England Journal of Medicine
NIAID = National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases
NIH = National Institutes of Health (US)
NVD = nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea
NVIC = National Vaccine Information Center
PDR = Physicians’ Desk Reference
VAERS = Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (lists hospitalizations or deaths resulting from vaccinations)
VICP = Vaccine Injury Compensation Program
W.H.O. = World Health Organization


Edward L. Bernays = the father of modern public relations (propaganda).

I highly recommend Vaccination Is Not Immunization and so do many medical doctors. Though easy to read, the content is disturbing and difficult to dispute. Every fact and statistic is meticulously documented. The book makes crystal clear what every responsible parent should know:

* the absence of proof of vaccine safety

* Do vaccines work?

* Is mercury really gone from vaccines?

* the real connection with the autism epidemic

* Doctor as caregiver or agent of the state?

* the new Shaken Baby industry

* What is Prevnar? What is Human Papilloma Virus? What is MCV4? Why don’t we know, since these are the vaccines kids are getting?

* the only country on earth with 69 vaccines for kids

* Why are American kids fatter, sicker, and dumber than ever before?

* what the manufacturers really put in vaccines

* the true rates of death and permanent physical damage from vaccines

* the huge money behind vaccines

* how the rising figures of vaccine-damaged kids are hidden

* how vaccines contribute to the skyrocketing of learning disabled and disturbed children, who then become new markets for psychoactive drugs

* Exemption laws: why more parents take the easy way out

* Coming soon: the next swine flu- or Ebola-type false pandemic

Whether or not to vaccinate is the most important decision you will make for your child. Get the facts about vaccine risks before you take any steps to vaccinate! Click to buy Vaccination Is Not Immunization.

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Customer review. I am physically fit, rarely get sick, and have been saying “No” to vaccinations since 1982. I have known and trusted Dr. O’Shea since 1999, and have recommended his book to anyone who will listen.

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Thank you and good luck.