Coronavirus: Newest Boutique Epidemic. What to do – Dr Tim O’Shea

The Virus first, last, and always.. (critical thinking) – Jon Rappoport

Event 201 was a high-level pandemic simulation exercise 6 weeks before the first illness from coronavirus was reported. – Spiro Skouras

Coronavirus: a perspective outside the mainstream – Robert Rowen, MD

QUESTION: Given that we can’t trust information from China, or from CDC, or from W.H.O., and in light of 10 false pandemics since 2002 – Swine Flu, Avian Flu, SARS, Ebola, measles, ZIKA etc – which the media hyped to the moon, but disappeared as soon as drug and vaccine makers got paid, what makes anybody think this time it’s different – that coronavirus is a big threat?