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(updated 2020 Mar 20)

Table – Vaccine Package Inserts


dengue vaccine

tetanus vaccine

Zika virus

Dr. O’Shea’s health website

Dr. O’Shea explains the difference between vaccination and immunization

The Actual Science Behind Vaccines – Dr. Tim O’Shea

12 Doctors Speak Out About Vaccination

Dr Larry Palevsky, MD – testimony on vaccine misinformation 2/19/2020

Shocking Vaccine Cover-up by CDC and Big Pharma
“There is no denying that there is a connection between autism and thimerosal in the vaccines.” – Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

“Faith in vaccines as a religion” – Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

CDC and WHO Corrupt Financial Entanglements with the Vaccine Industry – Children’s Health Defense

Don’t trust CDC.
REVOLVING DOOR: CDC and vaccine industry.
In 2009, former CDC director Julie Gerberding was named president of Merck.

Don’t trust W.H.O.
REVOLVING DOOR: WHO and vaccine industry.
Klaus Stohr, head of WHO epidemiological all through Avian flu days, is now a top exec with flu vaccine maker Novartis.

FDA is useless.
The FDA tests no vaccines. They’re a regulating agency, not a testing agency. They get all their information about the testing that has been done on a new vaccine from the manufacturer!

Woman Injured by Flu Vaccine Obtains $2.49 Million Settlement from U.S. Government

Vaccine Court rules that measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine caused acute brain damage

How the Vaccine Court Works

$4 Billion and Growing: U.S. Payouts for Vaccine Injuries and Deaths

Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) “reports fewer than 1% of adverse effects”

Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe (movie)
CDC lied to the public.

Wakefield, et al. hypotheses based on seeing bowel disease in children after MMR shotLancet

Dr. Andy Wakefield vs Brian Deer: The Real Fraud Revealed
(spoiler: it’s Deer)

HHS Fails to Do the Science Required to Show Vaccine Safety

Conflicts of interest in vaccine safety research

Table – vaccines & ingredients:

  • aluminum (a known neurotoxin)
  • formaldehyde (a known carcinogen)
  • polysorbate 80 & 20 (known carcinogens)
  • human diploid cells (aborted fetus)
  • thimerosal (mercury – a known neurotoxin)
  • egg, chicken (foreign protein)
  • viruses
  • porcine gelatin (pigs)
  • DNA
  • bovine serum (cattle)

The Vaccination Debate
featuring Dr. Andrew Zimmerman

“…vaccinations could cause autism.” – Dr. Andrew Zimmerman, former CDC expert witness, vaccine court
Dr. Zimmerman’s full Affidavit on alleged link between vaccines and autism that U.S. govt covered up
(see Affidavit, para. 20)

How Independent Are Vaccine Defenders?
featuring paul offit

Meet a former pro-vaxxer:
former “vaccine bully” pediatrician no longer vaccinates his children

QUESTION: Can you cite a study – by legitimate, verifiable third-party science wholly unconnected to the vaccine industry – proving ANY vaccine is safe or effective or necessary?

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